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Who doesn't like FREE movies!

If you love going to the movies and haven't gotten a Scene card should! My husband and I have always been movie lovers and there is nothing like watching a movie on the big screen. But the cost of movies does not seem to be getting any cheaper. With a scene card, you not only get points towards getting a FREE movie but you can save 10% off all your concession purchases. Every time you buy a movie ticket if you use your scene card you can get 100 points for adults and 50 points for a child. Once you reach 1000 points you get a FREE movie! We have had the scene card for 4 years and have seen many free movies! We also have a Scotiabank account where we earn points with every purchase we make using our Scotiabank Scene card. There is no cost, no catch, no fees and lots of benefits. Visit to get your scene card today! If you have a Scotiabank account go to your local branch and trade your plain red debit card for a scene Scotia Scene card. Let the movie watching begin!